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Thanks for stopping by!

I'm so thankful for the opportunity to share the music I love!

The last few years have been truly amazing, and I've been able to go places and experience moments I had only dreamed of up until now.

My last record, He Came Searching For Me, went above and beyond my expectations, and I can't say thanks enough to all the folks who bought the CD, streamed the music online, came to a concert, or attended a workshop. I couldn't keep doing this without your support!

2020 will be a year of new horizons.

I have been working with some great songwriters over the past year and half, and I have some great new songs to share. I am in the process now of getting these songs recorded, and I value your prayers and support!

My goal this year is to connect more through social media, and release new music, as well as some covers.

Please be in prayer for me as I attempt to balance home/family, work, church, and what I feel is my calling, making music!

I'm trusting God to lead me where I need to be, and make a way for His will in my life!

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God bless, and let's have a great year!


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