Cutting his first studio album at the age of fifteen, Jason spent the majority of his early and teenage years singing in church, and traveling across the South with various singing groups, honing harmonies with quartets, trios, and often singing solo, as well.

After traveling to Nashville for another record at the age of sixteen, and vocalizing on several live recordings, he again turned to the recording studio, and began a 12 year stint singing background vocals with David Huff at Giant Records.  During this time, he supplied BGV's on countless projects with various artists, including Vicki Yohe, Karen Harding, and David Huff. 

Jason released his solo project "Baptism" in 2014, which included many well known cover hits, and released "Tell Me One More Time About Jesus" to national radio.  After meeting producer Les Butler in 2014, Jason began working with Les and Family Music Group on his latest project, "He Came Searching For Me" which was released July 4th, 2016.  

Family Music Group hosted a well-attended album release party in Nashville which featured many top industry professionals, including Duane Allen of the legendary Oak Ridge Boys, who said of the performance, “Jason doesn’t just sing, he communicates with the listener!" 

Jason released the first single, Without Forgiveness, to national radio, and has followed up by releasing the title track, He Came Searching For Me, as a radio single.  He also recently performed at the Great American Gospel Celebration at Freedom Hall in Louisville, KY, and shared the stage with music legends Lee Greenwood and Diamond Rio, as well as author and media personality Glenn Beck.  

Jason resides in Sebastopol, MS, with his wife Krista, and two children, Alissa and Matthew.

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